Sunday, September 15, 2013

September, hi

Hey, i decided to share what has stuck in my playlist in September. So if you r looking for new music to add to your playlist - here it is. To be honest, music in my playlist is updated almost daily. 
I hope you are open to any kind of music (so do I) and not that kind of dull peepz who limit yourself. 


September Playlist from andrewkalash on 8tracks Radio.

1.ASAP Rocky - Peso
2.Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
3.Azealia Banks ft Pharell - ATM Jam
4.Snoop Lion - Ashtrays & Heartbreaks
5.Iggy Azalea - Me, myself, my money
6.Bastille - Laura Palmer
7.Limp Bizkit ft Lil Wayne - Ready to go
8.Justin Timberlake - Mirrors